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Daily Howler Somerby is good today, if I bit more perturbed by the media than usual (“EXTRA! IT’S TIME FOR NAGOURNEY TO GO: Adam Nagourney needs to be fired for his work in this morning’s New York Times”). Why? Nagourney, whose work I often like, is faking quotes. Here’s what Nagourney has Clark saying (quote […]

MemoryHole.txt If you know what a robots.txt file is, take a look at the White House’s. Why would they do this [disable outside searching and archiving of White House material related to Iraq]? Here’s a tidbit from Google’s FAQ [emphasis mine]: Google takes a snapshot of each page examined as it crawls the web and […]

Conventional Distortion David Broder, alternatively heralded as the Dean of the Washington Press Corps or the Standard Bearer of Conventional Wisdom, is really stretching logic in his column in today’s Washington Post. It’s not quite an attack on Dean, but it’s a clearly intentional distortion of facts that’s fairly obviously intended to belittle Howard Dean’s […]

Un-Tubular A story in today’s Washington Post, Iraq Survey Fails to Find Nuclear Threat: No Evidence Uncovered Of Reconstituted Program, should put the final nail in the bogus aluminum tubes for uranium-enriching centrifuges claim. As the story makes clear, US experts opined before the war that the tubes were neither suitable for, nor intended for, […]

Dwight’s Back Making my regular visit to Wampum to skim this week’s Flashback Friday, I see good news. In addition to the usual top-notch material from MB, Dwight Meredith is now contributing to Wampum. He’s got a great post up on why Bush should lose, but may nevertheless win (no primary opponent; tons of cash; […]

Unintelligently Designed Policy Time to check in on the goings on in my home state. This update on Texas’ latest antics comes via Bob Park’s weekly newsletter: 3. INTELLIGENT DESIGN: URGENT APPEAL TO TEXAS SCIENTISTS. The Texas Board of Education has scheduled the science textbook vote for November 6. The books they approve will be […]

Cutting Corporation Taxes As reported in today’s NYTimes, congressional Republicans want to reduce the top corporate tax rate. The result would be to reduce federal tax receipts by $60 billion. I won’t even get into the problems associated with increasing an already massive budget deficit. However, it is worth noting other two points. First, collecting […]

How Much was Really Pledged in Madrid? Powell has done some serious arm-twisting, and numerous Iraqis have been running around like hucksters in Madrid over the past two days to wring some pledges of money out of the rest of the world to go toward Iraq’s reconstruction. Typical headlines are now reading “Iraq donations reach […]

Who Won in Tuesday’s Abortion Vote? We know who lost: women. But who won, politically? Republicans or Democrats? Barry, at Alas! a blog has a series of intriguing posts on the latest “partial-birth” abortion ban and abortion in general. (For your reading convenience, Barry also has the posts indexed here.) In this post, Barry makes […]

Insurance and Lemons Atrios is starting a series on insurance markets and common misperceptions about them. Part 1, here, discusses insurance in general and introduces two topics that are crucial to any discussion of insurance: moral hazard and adverse selection. Atrios’ Part 2 is forthcoming, but will address the specifics of health insurance; it should […]