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PTSD for kindergarten kids

Pediatrics also included a short description of work done in the field on treatments for children age 4-7. Nothing earth shaking, but a reminder of who else gets scared in theater, wherever that occurs. Adler Center for Research in Child Development and Psychopathology, Department of Psychology, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv, Israel OBJECTIVE. The goal […]

PTSD meta-analysis

Treatment of PTSD 2008 is a comprehensive meta-analysis of studies done for the government on treatments for PTSD. I will have some follow through later this week. The 212 page document is one of the more throrough I have seen, so I mention this for any readers who have time and are curious. No surprises […]

Psycological Kevlar

Psychological Kevlar Act of 2007 introduced by Patrick Kennedy was to help PTSD and brain trauma research expand. It has come to my attention that the DoD is thinking about using propranolol as a prophylactic to help reduce ptsd symptoms during conflict and after. I had found this articlefrom a wife of a soldier who […]

PTSD and TBI at home

PBS has a very short description of the effects of PTSD and TBI by several authors that might help in sorting out why the diagnosis is important both for policy, treatment, and moral judgements we as Americans are prone to use to avoid costs of war. As you stand with other parents watching the kids […]

Reader Dan on PTSD and Medical Care, Part 5

This one is by Reader Dan. What does supporting the troops mean to you? If you ignore looking at these things, can you claim you are in the support category? “Lead researcher Mark Kaplan of Portland State University in Oregon” reports that male U.S. veterans are twice as likely to die by suicide than people […]

Reader Dan: Medical Care, Part 3

Reader Dan, part 3 on medical care. Hat tip to Angry Bear reader Buffpilot for joining voices in a liberal/conservative plea for doing the right thing. Please refer to this post for context on PTSD, healthcare, and Therapist1 comments. Clearly there is great need to increase funding for cognitive sciences and occupational therapy needed for […]

Reader Dan on PTSD – Part 2

This one is by Reader Dan ————————– New reports are of concern. Is this hype, cowardice, welfare cheating, the decline of the American soldier, or something about the nature of current conflicts and the military structure? PTSD Part 2 U.S. troops returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer “daunting and growing” psychological problems — […]

Reader Dan on Combat, PTSD and the US

This one is by Reader Dan Adopting best practice procedures in our healthcare system is complicated and deserves careful attention. Several problems come to mind immediately: 1. Determining what is best practice over time is problematic in general medicine, and often enough what is called best practice now later falls out of favor or is […]