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More Christianistanity Can we, based on the worthless jackasses in the top picture, now say that the entire Right is composed of diversity-hating, first-responder-hating, and freedom-hating morons–much in the way the entire Left is held to account whenever ANSWER does something stupid? No, you say? Well then quit blaming “Liberals” when Chomsky says something goofy. […]

Christianists Jesse has a great series of posts on those who would like to see this country become a theocracy–Christianists(*). It starts here with a Phillis Schlafly smackdown, but keep scrolling up to see more. Why do they insist on defying the Constitution? Are they Enemies of Freedom? AB (*) I believe Dave Neiwert coined […]

Bold or Foolish? Edwards Says He Won’t Run for Re-Election ABC News – 3 hours ago John Edwards said he’ll stick to one term in the US Senate, convinced his presidential campaign is going well enough to bow out of the 2004 race for his seat. There’s still a lot of time before the election, […]

Deficits I got a hit today from someone Googling this: economy’s budget deficit graphs that do not start at 0 and have good artwork to deceive the public I wonder who the Googler thinks is likely to issue misleading deficit graphs? In Lying Liars, Al Franken has two graphs that illustrate the point about scaling […]

Bush Tax Cut Jobs Scoreboard Mike at The 18½ Minute Gap has a nice graph showing the jobs promised by Bush and the jobs delivered, with the former category consisting of positive numbers and the latter consisting of only negative numbers so far. The predictions are plotted through 12/04 while the results only go through […]

Subliminal Programming, or “Strategic Ambiguity”? No one should underestimate the power of the Bush administration’s subtle but persistent efforts for the past two years to link Iraq to 9/11: The Washington Post: Nearing the second anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, seven in 10 Americans continue to believe that Iraq’s Saddam Hussein had […]

More Freeway Signs Reader Scarlet Pimpernel continues to find intersting signs Interstate 5 between San Diego and Los Angeles. Here’s one: For I-5 travelers who, like Scarlet but unlike me, are fluent in Latin and familiar with the works of Wilfred Owen, there’s also a sign on the fence of Camp Pendleton that reads, “Dulce […]

The Daily Show Somehow I missed Steven Colbert’s hilarious bit on The Texas Eleven (from back when there were eleven). Fortunately, Off the Kuff pointed me to it. AB

Bush Brings Back Big Government I wonder how many conservative Republican voters appreciate the irony of this: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The era of big government, if it ever went away, has returned full-throttle under President Bush, who came to office championing “conservative ideas” as an alternative. A report released on Friday by the Brookings Institution […]

Democrats Debate, and Gephardt does a little historical revision There were several decent Bush-bashing moments during the Democratic debate last night. One of my favorites was this one, as quoted in the Washington Post: “This president is a miserable failure,” Rep. Richard A. Gephardt (Mo.) said. “It’s incomprehensible to me that we would wind up […]