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The Real Deal I’ve liked Obama — the “skinny kid with a funny name” — since I first took a closer look at him last March. His speech Tuesday night was truly great. Here’s the transcript, here’s the streaming video, and here’s where you can contribute to his campaign. That said, he’s currently unopposed, so […]

A Cheesey Tax-Induced Export Subsidy with Transfer Pricing Holes Letters To Switzerland is the transfer pricing chapter of David Kay Johnson’s Perfectly Legal – who argues certain multinationals are diverting income from the U.S. Treasury offshore. The topic of transfer pricing manipulation was also raised by a John Plender and Martin Simons article in the […]

A Good Idea Digby has one: I have a public service idea for the convention bloggers. When you are talking to reporters, why don’t you all mention that they should read The Daily Howler? Sommerby does the absolute best press criticism in the blogosphere… AB

Amensia over War versus “Send Me” The GOP reactions to last night speeches at the DNC in Boston are already contradicting themselves. While the RNC is saying two-thirds of the comments were negative, Tucker Carlson ranks the criticism of Bush an “F”. Maybe Tucker was expecting Bob Novak type snarls and his own pattern of […]

Voting for Kerry Looking for reasons to vote for Kerry, instead of simply against Bush? Read this piece by Thomas Oliphant in the current issue of The American Prospect. Kash

Sullivan Coming Around I’ve always said a few things about Andrew Sullivan: smart and a good writer, but sadly, roughly equal parts misguided and disingenuous. Today, in a scathing analysis of the Bush administration, he displays the first two characteristics admirably. Here’s a sample, but the rest is similar and well worth reading: There has […]

The Million Billionaire March Wondering what the group Billionaires for Bush is up to during the DNC in Boston? True to the grassroots nature of their crusade to hold on to the hard-fought advances that billionaires have enjoyed over the past 3½ years, they are holding a protest march. I wish them well – may […]

Speaking of Michigan and Nader Josh Marshall links to this from ABC News: Consumer advocate Ralph Nader’s quixotic presidential campaign says it submitted about 5,400 signatures to get on the Michigan ballot, far short of the required number of 30,000. Luckily for him, approximately 43,000 signatures were filed by Michigan Republicans on his behalf, more […]

Swing State Numbers The latest Gallup/USA Today poll shows Kerry even in Missouri, down 4 in Florida, and up 5 in Ohio — with Nader in the race.(*) Since Gore barely lost in 2000 while carrying none of these states, and Bush seems unlikely to win any states he didn’t carry in 2000 (the possible […]

Bush Tells Urban League Employment is Rising   After George Bush snubbed the NAACP, he appears before the Urban League with another partisan attack at the Democrats with lines like: “I know plenty of politicians assume they have your vote. But did they earn it, and do they deserve it?” and “Have the traditional solutions […]