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Dog Bites Man Congressional spending bill stuffed with pork. AB

The Rhetoric v. Reality Game: Military Readiness Here’s one of my favorite games for a snowy weekend: Rhetoric v. Reality! Simply compare things that Bush said while campaigning to the reality of his administration. Here’s an easy one from today’s news. First, George Bush during the RNC, August 3, 2000: “Our military is low on […]

Loud Mouth Jackass But you already knew that about Bill O’Reilly. But did you know that he’s ignorant too, as SadlyNo! makes clear: Bill “Shut Up!” O’Reilly displays his keen understanding of the economy in the latest edition of the Talking Points Memo: The conservative take is a supply side system, whereby consumers spend and […]

Attack and Counter-Attack On Thursday, the Club for Growth launched attack ads against Howard Dean in Iowa and New Hampshire. While I’m no Deaniac (though I may be some day), I am impressed by the speed and message of Dean’s counter-ad. Skeptical Notion has the details. AB

Weblog Awards For those who like voting, winning, and losing (or rather, watching others win and lose), check out Wizbang’s 2003 Weblog Awards. Angry Bear is not currently in the running, though should that change I’ll provide a link. AB

Louisiana Update In a previous post, I referenced the troubles one young Louisiana student experienced after telling other students that his parents are gay. You can see the actual note the school made the student send to his parents, along with a teacher’s explanatory note, here. Never slow to adopt a really good idea, the […]

Mixed Unemployment Report The BLS reported this morning that the unemployment rate fell slightly, to 5.9%, and the number of jobs in the US increased by 57,000, which was less than most economists had expected. Job creation is better than job destruction, which is what we’ve mostly seen over the past couple of years, but […]

Knowledge City As Kash points out, the steel tariffs are being rescinded. If you watch The Daily Show then you know that Bush was in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, where he went to great lengths to avoid referencing the steel industry. How great were the lengths? I report, you decide: “It’s great to be back in […]

Food For Thought Good stuff from Dwight Meredith at Wampum today. Dwight unintentionally makes a good case that Gary Aldrich should be on Pandagon’s list of 2003’s 20 Most Annoying Conservatives. Upon reflection, Aldrich is plenty annoying but too insignificant for the list. There’s another great Daily Howler, too. AB

Era of Big Government, Part Too Many to Count Anymore In the pursuit of ever more massive deficits, this administration shall leave no stone unturned. Even if that stone is on the freakin’ moon. AB UPDATE: I like this part: One person consulted by the White House said some aides appear to relish the idea […]