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Postcards from Old Europe – A perfect storm? The movie “The Perfect Storm” tells the story of a commercial fishing boat, the Andrea Gail, and its crew as it tries to battle through an awesome storm off the coast of Nova Scotia in 1991. The storm was massive because it was actually lethal combination of […]

Live Bloggin’

I’ve never done this, but here goes: – Whoa! Split screen. I thought the rules forbade that. Bush looks pissed as Kerry says he can do a better job of defending America. – About sentence three of his first statement before mentioning 9/11. Next question: Bush “doesn’t think that’s gonna happen [another attack if Sen. […]

Watching the Debate

I’ll be watching the debate when it starts in half an hour, and if I have any thoughts about it I’ll share them with you. Please feel free to do the same, particularly if you’d like to try your hand at some fact-checking along the way. Kash

Yikes! They Weren’t Kidding!

First, see this post from earlier today about last night’s Daily Show, then go take a look at this, complete with screenshots. Yet another thinning of the wall between journalism and parody. AB

Distributed Fact-Checking

You already know that tonight’s debate between Bush and Kerry (9:00-10:30pm EDT) could be important to the outcome of the election. Note that I don’t say “will be important” — I think there’s a reasonable chance that it will just be another forum for the recitation of familiar lines from campaign speeches, having little effect […]

August Personal Income

The BEA has just released its estimate of personal income in August. The headline figure is that there was a 0.4% increase in personal income during the month, which is roughly in line with economists expectations. But month-to-month reports like this are notoriously volatile, so I think that year-on-year comparisons are much more informative. The […]

Ahh, The Daily Show.

The show was in rare form tonight, leading off with some razzing of Bill O’Reilly for saying that The Daily Show’s audience is “stoned slackers”, when in fact the Daily Show audience is both more educated and more knowledgeable about current events than the Factor’s audience. Then a bit of bipartisan ribbing of Bush and […]

Bush supporters will “say anything”

This blog is properly named “sayanything” as evidenced by this claim: John Kerry and his left-wing surrogates would have us believe that the Bush administration is going to re-instate the draft if re-elected… As part of his 100 day plan to change America, John Kerry will propose a comprehensive service plan that includes requiring mandatory […]

Fact-Checking Bush’s Accusations

Bush has accused Kerry of endangering the economic recovery with his proposal to raise taxes on income over $200,000. Bush’s claim is that this will raise taxes on “the 900,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs who pay at the individual rate and who are creating most of the new jobs in our changing economy.” Breaking with […]

The KC Fed Disagrees

In contrast to what I suggested yesterday, the head of the Kansas City Fed thinks that current oil prices will have little effect on the US economy. From CNN/Money: “As long as oil prices do not rise significantly higher, the likely effects of recent increases will be relatively modest on the U.S. economy,” Kansas City […]