Andrew Leonard at Salon takes the savvy and well educated, knowledgeable movers and shakers to task for their whining about free markets and oversight. It reminds me of:

1. Too big to fail, which may be true, but stay with the same management?

2. DolB can sell discounted flowers to all the readership using their on-line names and persona’s, and accept our thanks and promises, but next month no money? It is our fault? Morally, yes, but as a businessman he can yell at us all he wants, but it is his business. So then he can borrow from a guy from Dubai to make things right by letting him in on a percentage of his business. Duh…

3. OldVet’s post on Japan is another marker.

Anyway, is it time to say whatever the stated philosophy was, the real practice has made a mess of the world-wide econonomy? No bailouts by the fed is replaced by soveriegn funds? Are they big enough?