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Latest World Trade Organization Lunacy

Dan Becker’s post Trans Pacific Partnership: A new Constitution gained a lot of traction because once again the public media is beginning to pay attention to trade policy. Angry Bear has carried a number of posts on the World Trade Organization intent and structure…here are several on the particular issue between Antigua and the US. […]

Measuring trade deficits and trade flows value

The Washington Post calls attention to changes in measuring international trade values: The U.S. trade deficit with China may be much smaller than thought according to new trade measurements that capture the flow of raw materials and intermediate goods as they work their way around the world into final products. In a significant revision to […]

NYT economic reporting week of 9th

Upcoming reports and meetings from the NYT ECONOMIC REPORTS: Data will include consumer credit for May (Monday); the trade deficit for May and wholesale trade inventories for May (Wednesday); weekly jobless claims and import prices for June (Thursday); and the producer price index for June and the Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan consumer sentiment index for […]

Retaliating Against Currency Manipulation: A Primer

Kash at The Streetlight points us to other aspects of the world, touching upon the WTO and the IMF roles in global trade and China in particular: Retaliating Against Currency Manipulation: A Primer You’ve probably heard that this week the US Congress has been addressing the issue of how China controls its exchange rate with […]

WTO ruling: ‘free trade’ and ‘state capitalism’ needs broader discussion

A recent ruling on countervailing duties and anti-dumping duties by the World Trade Organization:(bolding is mine) Senior Economist Ian Fletcher for the Coalition for a Prosperous America offers one point of view: The American position is that we are entitled to apply what are called “countervailing duties” against products that are subsidized by foreign governments. […]

WTO upholds tire tariff

The Washingtington Post notes: The World Trade Organization has upheld the stiff duties that President Obama imposed on car tires imported from China last year, an important victory released on the eve of trade talks between the two countries. A panel at the Geneva-based trade group on Monday said it agreed that the United States […]

World Trade Organization ruling, IMF to rule

rdan The New York Times carries a story that is actually probably of more import than Fed announcement of not renewing the Treasury Bond program. Wednesday’s ruling goes to the heart of one of the biggest trade issues pending between China and the West: whether intellectual property, like copyrighted songs, books and movies, should be […]

WTO and Antigua follow up

Arstechnica had thoughts on WTO mediation and US indignation about IP rights. The second case concerns Antigua and Barbuda, a small Caribbean country home to all sorts of online vices, including gambling and DRM circumvention. Antigua took the US to the WTO years ago over charges that the US was unfairly criminalizing access to Antiguan […]

The Latest Skirmish at the WTO

As reported by The Globe and Mail, on behalf of European and U.S. financial services, Europe and the U.S. have registered a complaint with the WTO that China is “breaking international trade law.” The European Union and the United States filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) yesterday, concerned that China is trying […]

WTO Doha, agriculture, and values

As I re-do templates for eventual updates to the site, I found this graphic on AB from the early days. I did misplace the link, sorry. But it appeared to be a great graphic for several thoughts: 1. The foundering of the Doha agreements was centered around agriculture protection. 2. Our beliefs about values are […]