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Naked Capitalism joins Calculated Risk, Econospeak, and Angry Bear in being archived by Library of Congress

Recently, Yves Smith announced Naked Capitalism was chosen to have its posts archived by the Library of Congress. It is an exciting invitation as much of the work being written at Naked Capitalism will be available for years to come and potentially studied. Angry Bear applauds this action by the Library of Congress. It was […]

Where the ACA Should Go Next?

run75441: This is the first in a series of 3 posts written by Maggie Mahar discussing Medicare, what it covers, and what it lacks in coverage. Maggie touches on the Public Option and Medicare. I start to get edgy when people talk about the Public Option, Universal Coverage, Single Payor, Medicare-For-All, etc. as they do […]

Simon Johnson on Tim Geithner and Elizabeth Warren

Simon Johnson offers pointed criticism of the role Timothy Geithner has played to date in the Great Recession and bank regulation, in particular as an advisor and architect to the Obama economic team and how that policy is presented and pursued in Congress. Another worthwhile read.

WTO ruling: ‘free trade’ and ‘state capitalism’ needs broader discussion

A recent ruling on countervailing duties and anti-dumping duties by the World Trade Organization:(bolding is mine) Senior Economist Ian Fletcher for the Coalition for a Prosperous America offers one point of view: The American position is that we are entitled to apply what are called “countervailing duties” against products that are subsidized by foreign governments. […]

Take a break …planning for efficiency

Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism points us to exploring how the pursuit of “efficiency”, for example in supply chains, without assessing what other risks are involved and planning ahead can result in major problems: It isn’t all that hard to understand that stressing efficiency at all cost comes at the expense of safety. Engineers will […]