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Pensions and retirements…

The New York Times points us to private industry under funding for your retirement: AFTER years of poor investment returns, the pension funds of the United States’ largest companies are further behind than they have ever been. The companies in the Standard & Poor’s 500 collectively reported that at the end of their most recent […]

Double Double — The Absolute Simplest Look at Wages and Pensions

By Noni Mausa Double Double —  The Absolute Simplest Look at Wages and Pensions       One of the best loved Canadian drinks is the famed Double-Double, a big coffee with two creams and two sugars from the Tim Horton’s coffee shop chain.  Millions of double-doubles warm grateful workers hands and wake up their brains on the […]

State pension funds, funding, and options

Felix Salmon writes on the question of appropriate pension plans for state systems (emphasis on teacher retirement systems) in Reuters…however, the comment section offers a superb range of thoughts by non-experts on the matter of state pensions as well. 1. Is a 7-8% return reasonable to expect (smoothed over time) in the future?2. If a […]

MA Teacher Retirement System (and WI a bit)

H35 provides for these amendments to the MA teachers retirement system by Gov. Duval Patrick: An Act Providing for Additional Pension Reform and Benefits ModernizationThis legislation filed by Governor Patrick proposes further pension reforms to achieve the following objectives: Update the system to reflect demographic changes, such as the fact that people are living and […]

Economics and Bosses

Peter Dorman at Econospeak, who is smarter and nicer than I am,* boils down the question: [D]o you believe that managers normally make the right decisions over how to run organizations? If you believe that premise, please explain: Why all those great managers of the late 1940s through the mid-1970s ran defined benefit contribution plans, […]