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Simon Johnson on Barclay’s and markets

Simon Johnson at Baseline Scenario

points to basic fraud on the business practices for LIBOR:

The behavior at Barclays has all the hallmarks of fraud, pure and simple – intentional deception for personal gain, causing significant damage to others.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission nailed the detailed mechanics of this deception in plain English in its “Order Instituting Proceedings” (which is also a settlement and series of admissions by Barclays). Most of the compelling quotes from traders involved this scandal come from the Order, but too few commentators seem to have read the full document. Please look at it now, if you have not done so already

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Euro area troubles, banks, and sovereign debt connections

Economist Mark Blyth talks on Europe and rescuing the banks…

See 35 minutes in on context for LIBOR troubles. (70% of the special investment vehicles designed to pump and dump mortgages belong to European not American banks … Euro banks listed their periphery debt as Tier One Capital under Basel.)

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NYT economic reporting week of 9th

Upcoming reports and meetings from the NYT

ECONOMIC REPORTS: Data will include consumer credit for May (Monday); the trade deficit for May and wholesale trade inventories for May (Wednesday); weekly jobless claims and import prices for June (Thursday); and the producer price index for June and the Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan consumer sentiment index for July (Friday).

…On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve will release minutes of its June 19-20 meeting.

…OVERSEAS On Monday, Paul Tucker, the deputy governor of the Bank of England, will testify before a Parliamentary committee investigating Libor rates

…a World Trade Organization dispute settlement body will hold a special meeting at which the United States, the European Union and Japan will request the establishment of a panel to rule on the legality of Chinese curbs on rare earth exports; and Russian lawmakers will vote on the country’s entry to the World Trade Organization.

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