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WTO GATS and protectionism or nationalism

Heritage notes that anti-dumping lawsuits have increased in the US and the administration is not attending to global free trade as we have dropped below the top ten. Such measures are supposed to be used to prevent other countries from selling their goods here at below-market prices, and that makes sense. But as Index co-editor […]

Farm Bill and WTO GATS Part 2

The NYT reports: The World Trade Organization made a last-ditch effort on Tuesday to salvage stalled global trade talks by asking the United States and Europe to lower their barriers to farm imports in return for greater export access to India, Brazil and other developing countries. Pascal Lamy, director general of the World Trade Organization, […]

Farm Bill and WTO GATS Part 1

The National Ag Law Center reports: Trade policy has always played a major role in the evolution of the U.S. agricultural sector. With the 1994 Agreement on Agriculture resulting form the WTO Uruguay Round, trade policy started to play an even more important role in domestic farm policy. As we move deeper into 2006, the […]

More on water resources and GATS

OMB Watch has posted a notice on something we rarely think about, and take for granted. The Raw Sewage Overflow Right-to-Know Act (H.R. 2452), introduced by Reps. Tim Bishop (D-NY) and Frank LoBiondo (R-NJ) on May 23, requires sewage treatment facilities to notify the public, public health officials and any other downstream “affected entities” when […]

Update on WTO GATS, gambling, and Antigua

The Register provides an update to the tiny Antigua case. The case originated back in 2003 after the prosecution of Jay Cohen, an expatriate American who ran a sportsbook out of Antigua called the World Sports Exchange, and ended up doing time in a federal prison – in Las Vegas, of all places – for […]

WTO GATS and strategies of regional hubs Part 1

Now India is outsourcing outsourcing. One of the constants of the global economy has been companies moving tasks – and jobs – to India, where they could be done at lower cost. But rising wages for programmers here, a strengthening currency and companies’ need for workers in their clients’ time zones or for workers who […]

Reader Dan: Third Post on Water Issues

Reader Dan continues his series on water issues. Many legal, institutional, and administrative preconditions such as the need for enforcement mechanisms, clear methods of complaint/dispute resolution and administrative transparency, are common to any pricing tool. (my emphasis) However, volume-based, demand management tools require infrastructure capable of volumetric measurement. Sampath (1992) observes that pricing is dependent […]