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6 Soldiers Die in Helicopter Crash in Iraq 2 Others Killed in Separate Attacks in Mosul.

Blog Highlights I’ve been too busy to blog much for the last few days, but now I have a little time to catch up on my blog reading. Here are some highlights: Via The 18½ Minute Gap, I see that Howard Dean “secured a critical endorsement from the most diverse labor group in the country, […]

Voter Turnout Everyone knows that voter turnout is down, and that it’s due to increased apathy. As often as not, when “everybody knows” something, it’s actually not true. I just heard a commentator on NPR claiming that voter turnout, when computed in the usual fashion (as a percentage of the voting-age population) is in fact […]

Where’s the Filter? The media should be bringing us the happy news from Iraq. Instead, we get this: Last weekend, Penisten, 28, had just begun his long journey home from Iraq for a two-week furlough. He was going to marry Loia, 25, this Friday in Pueblo, Colo., her hometown. Then the couple would travel to […]

Dean Update I’m on Dean’s side on this one now: Dr. Dean, the former governor of Vermont, turned to Mr. Sharpton and responded: “We’re not going to win in this country anymore as Democrats if we don’t have a big tent. And I’m going to tell you right now, Reverend, you’re right, I am not […]

Comment News Good news and bad. Haloscan is accepting new users, so I’ve switched comment providers to Haloscan–that’s the good news. More good news is that comments can now exceed 1000 characters. The bad news is that all the old comments are gone. I restore them by switching back when my old comment provider’s server […]

Political Compass While of questionable relevance, the survey is quick fun and it wasn’t way off the mark on where I’d place myself (my results are here). But I bet you’ve been wondering where all your favorite (and most-hated) bloggers lie on this spectrum. Tim Lambert has taken some time off from “stalking” the […]

No Comment Comments are down for a while. The problem was making the entire page load slowly so I took the comments out. I’ll check periodically until they’re back up. AB

Belated Congratulations To Mr. and Mrs. Kos on the birth of their son, Aristotle. AB P.S. Sorry about the extra $33,000 in “birth tax” debt young Ari will have to bear. I voted for the other guy.

Why Jamal Can’t Get a Job That’s the title of a story in the current issue of the Chicago Graduate School of Business magazine. The article summarizes the results of a novel study by the auspiciously named Prof. Marianne Bertrand of U Chicago and Senhil Mullainathan of MIT’s Economics department. Here’s their experiment: Between June […]