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TNR Jumps the Shark I can only hope that two of my favorite writers, two people rarely far off in their analysis of domestic policy, John Judis and Jonathan Chait, were not part of the “by the editors” group at The New Republic that today officially endorsed Joe Lieberman. This article by Chait suggests that […]

Don’t Be an A**hole WARNING: If you click the following link, there will be sound, words that you are likely to find quite hilarious but that your colleagues and bosses may find offensive. That said, here’s a must-see parody of MoveOn’s Bush in 30 Seconds campaign. (For the real thing from MoveOn, click here.) Also […]

Democrats in The House … The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is the main organization in charge of putting Democrats into the House of Representatives. As such, they are not surprisingly dismayed by the latest ruling on Texas redistricting. The DCCC has now issued an official statement; here’s the highlight: The Court’s decision will now […]

Following up on Yuan Post I am following up on the Yuan post because Anne is raising several good points and also some new information for me. First, my primary concern as I stated in comments is not a raise in the value of the dollar against the Euro. Another 10-20% change in the terms […]

Texas Redistricting The Republican redistricting of Texas crossed another threshold yesterday, when a three judge panel ruled that the DeLay Plan was politically, not racially, motivated and therefore legal: “While heavily aware of the long history of discrimination against Latinos and Blacks in Texas . . . we are compelled to conclude that this plan […]

Yuan Revaluation? I am worried about the US dollar. People far smarter than I are worried about the US dollar. There is some speculation that the dollar will rapidly crash through the $1.35 mark against the Euro. Right now the US dollar is floating at $1.28 per Euro. The $1.35 mark is just another 5% […]

Clark and Political Jujitsu Lies, damm lies and statistics has an interesting piece of political jujitsu for the Democrats that should be a tract that the eventual nominee investigate to deal with both national security and tax policy concerns that the pundits are conceding to Bush. The basic proposal is to argue for a repeal […]

Checking In AB here, checking in from a working vacation. Kash and I should be back to normal posting on Wednesday, though Fester is welcome to keep posting through the week (and thanks to Fester for filling in and make sure to add Fester’s Place to your regular reads.) One interesting bit of news: Angry […]

Free Advice for Clark DISCLAIMER: FESTER IS A DEAN SUPPORTER, so take this piece as you wish Josh Marshall in his pre-New Hampshire travelling post lays out a pretty good and fair analysis of the primary horse race. There is an interesting question of Clark’s return on investment in New Hampshire and the question of […]

Weakening the Reserves, Again The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting that a Western Pennsylvania based Reserve MP Company has returned home and is fundamentally demobilized as of yesterday. Congratulations and welcome back home. I hope that these men and women will be able to transition back into civilian life reasonable successfully and that they can get […]