Job openings for the progressive minded

I was cruising around The Center for American Progress. They have a nice report looking at credit card use rise and a rise in writing off the bad ones. Any way, I like to click on the Job Opportunities at these sites just to see. Sometimes I think it might be fun to work with a big organization that is very much in the thick of the political fight for the soul of this country.

Well, they need an economist. That’s not me. But hey, maybe there is one hanging around the AB looking for something different. Though they don’t say if they want a bear of a bull.

Here is the job description.

We are looking for somebody who is widely experienced in a range of fields, and who has in depth expertise in at least one the following fields: macroeconomics, innovation and growth, labor economics, economic mobility, and/or public finance. This person would conduct their own research,…

Here is their economic policy team.

Here is their help wanted page if anyone else is curious.

Just thought I’d pass it along. You know, in the spirit of change.