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Income Inequality and Growth Vaguely Right, who I belive is an Economics Ph.D. student (and should probably be working on his/her dissertation instead of blogging) has a good (long) post on income inequality in the US, and it’s based on Census data. The abbreviated version contains these nuggets: Income Inequality in the US has increased […]

Better Late than Never I just caught this from a 2/27 NYT piece: The [Bush tax] plan’s centerpiece would slash taxes on corporate dividends at a cost to the Treasury of $335 billion through 2012. It also calls for immediately implementing income tax cuts that are scheduled for a gradual phase-in, as well as accelerating […]

Rawls Part III: Progressive Taxation and Tradeoffs Between the Minimum, Mean, and Maximum Levels of Income(long) Part I here, Part II here; a brief post on Rawls here. Both Bailey and Alterman referenced Rawls to justify redistribution, and Rawls himself was strongly in favor of redistributing income (“Social and economic inequalities…[must be] to the greatest […]

I Can’t Believe I’m Pro-War Group Shrinking Talking Points Memo: “At this point, we have truly the worst case scenario on the international stage. And I think the those costs now outweigh those gains.” CalPundit: “I still believe strongly that we need a tough-minded long-term policy aimed at eradicating terrorism and modernizing the Arab world […]

This is Profoundly Disturbing via Orcinus (Dave Neiwert). AB

Real Time with Bill Maher The show is good again, but where’s Ann Coulter (who was supposed to be on)? First, Angry Bear berates Glenn Hubbard into retiring. Now a mild statement from AB (“I’m not a big fan of having Coulter on”) and voila, no Coulter. If only I knew I had this power […]

When Competition Goes Bad Competition is generally a great thing. It explains why cell phone and long distance prices plummetted over the last 20 years (competition and technology), while local prices remained fairly flat (lack of competition). But for some reason, competition makes the mass media worse. Consider the antics on CNN in the post-Fox […]

Hey, Angry Bear, weren’t you blogging about Rawls? Yes, I was, first here and then here, and there is more to come. In the meantime, Matthew Yglesias has some thoughts on the issue: I don’t think that’s really the best way to think about the issue [AB note: here, Matt is referring to my claim […]

More Mankiw from MaxSpeaks Max Sawicky finds two more nuggets in Prof. Mankiw’s books. Apparently, deficits do affect interest rates and the corporate income tax only hurts workers and customers of taxed corpotations, not the owners. I agree with Mankiw on the former point; we’ll see if he changes his tune as part of his […]

Miscellaneous Charges (wisely) Dropped &C, even the liberal New Republic’s blog, has a pretty good roundup on the buzz surrounding Osama and reasongs why is Bush unexpectedly giving a press conference tonight at 8:00. Alan Kreuger writes on the ballooning federal deficit. Items of note include Goldman, Sachs raising its estimate of the deficit for […]