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Oh no, Walmart is not doing well? Danger, danger Economy Sucks! Not according to the flower shop.

Before this last recession, readers of a long time here might recall that I used my flower shop as a barometer for the economy.  I noted that things were not doing well as our sales had started to decline in August of 2006.    The smart boys and girls called it December 2008 as starting December […]


By Jeff McCord ANTHONY LEWIS, ADULTERATED MILK AND A TAINTED ECONOMYMarch 28, 2013 In the early days of his brilliant career as legal journalist and commentator, Anthony Lewis, who passed at age 85 on March 25, referred to a vision of the Supreme Court that served as his touchstone: “[W]hen the channels of opinion and […]

Ok class, let’s review before the exam (election)

I’m sure you are all feeling kind of blah. You have this final exam for this session and I can tell by your performances on the quizzes that you are still confused. The problem solving portions of the quizzes have been very telling. So lets review.   You’re taxes are not too high. It’s your […]

The Effect of Individual Income Tax Rates on the Economy, Part 1: 1901 – 1928

by Mike Kimel The Effect of Individual Income Tax Rates on the Economy, Part 1: 1901 – 1928 In 1913, the 16th Amendment to the Constitution led to the income tax system we know and don’t love today. Since that time, in fact, since way before that time, people have been arguing about the effect […]

It’s not the tax and spending cuts, it’s the destroyed trust that has doomed our economy

By Daniel Becker In the comments to my post “A reminder from Obama’s February 2009 speech”, there is the following: “I guess it relates to the fake Obama they had made up in their heads,…”  This sums up the early comments to the post suggesting that those who trusted Obama have only themselves to blame. […]

Guest post: Mark Provost Why the Rich Love High Unemployment

Guest post by Mark Provost Why the Rich Love High Unemploymentvia Truthout Christina Romer, former member of President Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, accuses the administration of “shamefully ignoring” the unemployed. Paul Krugman echoes her concerns, observing that Washington has lost interest in “the forgotten millions.” America’s unemployed have been ignored and forgotten, but they […]

Feeling Hopeful About the Recovery

Crossposted at The Street Light. The more I get to know this recovery, the more I’m starting to like it. Yes, it’s been rather standoffish, giving the cold shoulder to millions of unemployed Americans. And true, through much of 2010 it was maddeningly elusive, never giving us confidence that it was here to stay. But […]

Mc Cain sinks the Dow!

by Divorced one like Bush Concerned about the cause of the Dow? Not to fear. Many have been working on it such as Glenn Greenwald.The market does not like someone who is not like them so goes the Mc Cain clan. It is possible, but then Glenn asks for proof and finds an economist of […]