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It’s not the tax and spending cuts, it’s the destroyed trust that has doomed our economy

By Daniel Becker In the comments to my post “A reminder from Obama’s February 2009 speech”, there is the following: “I guess it relates to the fake Obama they had made up in their heads,…”  This sums up the early comments to the post suggesting that those who trusted Obama have only themselves to blame. […]

The Only Human Crisis

Various pundits have been putting forward candidates for the big human crisis confronting us. They all agree that something is, but can’t settle on one or another. Throw a dart. Is it human rights? Terrorism? How about “the economy?” Not many people talking about the fisheries, though you could make a good case for a […]

The disconnect of my economy with the money economy

by Divorced one like Bush The Yahoo Financial page has had this headline from the AP up for a while today:Top StoriesInvestors are cautious as swine flu cases increase- APThis is the first line: The swine flu gave Wall Street a reason to turn cautious. The Dow Jones industrial average gave up a midday recovery […]