Ok class, let’s review before the exam (election)

I’m sure you are all feeling kind of blah. You have this final exam for this session and I can tell by your performances on the quizzes that you are still confused. The problem solving portions of the quizzes have been very telling. So lets review.
You’re taxes are not too high. It’s your income that is too low! Remember this and you will be able to solve enough of the problems to obtain a passing grade and graduate. And class, no one running today for president gets this. It is why President Obama looked like such a dufus in the debate. Romney took a step to his left… right into Obama’s policy space. Where does one go to gain more space when they have walled up the door to the left of them as President Obama has?
Let’s get something real clear from the beginning. Unless you are acquiring the majority of your money from money YOU ARE NOT A CAPITALIST 
You my fellow students, are citizens living in a particular social structure that can be understood by various groupings of all human interaction that takes place within. The largest grouping is “society”. Yes, there is the ultimate grouping known as the human race, but I’m keeping this discussion and exam limited to the USA society. (If you pass, you will get to tackle the larger human race grouping in your graduate studies.) An economy is one such organizational grouping of activity. A democracy is another. A “market” is only a labeling of activity.  It is one of many relational activities within an economy and/or a democracy within a society. An election is another such activity. 
Now, this is very important: THERE IS NO HIEARCHY of the various groupings. There can’t be. It’s impossible as the groupings are not determinate of life and living. I will tell you that my physiology professor stated that the determinate of life is a membrane. So, let’s get off the “market” kick. Trust me, “market” will not be an answer on the exam.
If you are not a citizen capitalist, then you are a citizen laborer.  (These are descriptive labels that are not all inclusive of your potential grouping.)  You are acquiring your money mostly via your labor. Physical labor, cognitive labor it does not matter because you are using some ratio of both to acquire your money. You are expending your labor to your personal level of comfort. Note, I did not say you are expending your labor to the level of market ability or market possibility. Your labor does not determine your comfort. Your labor is not interpretative of your comfort. It is having obtained your level of desired comfort (comfort as defined by you) that will have determined your labor expended.
Society ultimately determines your value which is based on what society deems of value to it. Now I know you are thinking I’ve really put my foot in it here. I haven’t. The market does not determine your value. The collective of “society” does determine your value and the collective is dynamic though I am not implying any particular velocity of dynamism. I am not quantifying or qualifying the dynamism. Elections do the determining.
Now that we are all on the same page, let me repeat myself: YOUR TAXES ARE NOT TOO HIGH.
Your income is too low and no one running for president sees your relationship in this economy in this way. They don’t see it because not enough of you see it this way either. To many are acting as if they are capitalists. To many are acting as if the market is determinate. Who the hell is in control here? YOU or the market?
So, let me explain your current condition and thus in doing so provide you with what the goal needs to be of any policy (and a focus of your essay) that either of the two presidential candidates propose. It is working the goal that will allow you to obtain the highest grade on the exam. Hell, let’s include the congressional candidates also. They make proposals all the time. Understand the goal and how you acquire your money and the essay portion (voting) will be a snap. Original thinking combined with the greatest inclusiveness will get a higher grade.
You are living in the median household. I know this because, class… say it with me: I am not a capitalist.  In 1976 your household had the median income of $12,690.
Using the magic of the  Measuring Worth site (it is the only calculator allowed for your final) your household in 2011 has grown to $52,200.00 based on the skilled labor value.   Notice, we are not using the skilled capitalist value (there is none listed).
Unfortunately for you, the census states that your household actually has only $50,054 of income. The difference of $2146 is the results of your labor not being valued as much as it was in 1976. Society has decided that what ever it is you are doing it is not of such value as it was in 1976. In fact, your value is so little that it did not even keep up with inflation. How ya feeling about that?
Still thinking it’s that your taxes are too high?
Well class, here’s the real pain: $61,629.00.*  This is the number that you would have if society had just kept the dynamics as they were. For the sensitive students, unfortunately the ever dynamic society just didn’t keep the same flaming intensity of love for you as it now cherishes for the capitalist. Sorry class. Society has changed. It values the capitalist more. Thus, society has changed the economy so that the market activities result in more of the income produced going to the capitalist. Society did this to you. 
Have I made this personal enough for you? (Remember…the essay.)  Just in case I haven’t, recall the earlier part of this review. You are a part of a collective group called “society”.
Let’s recap: Society. You are a part of society. Society is dynamic. Elections determine. You are not a capitalist. “Economy” is a grouping. “Market” is not an answer. Your taxes are not to high. Your income is to low.
Here is the major essay question: What do you want from life?  I look for original thought and inclusiveness. Bonus points if you can relate it all to the preamble of the USA societal organizing document.I remove points for facts supported by opinion.
*As calculated by using the ratio of the share of income for the non capitalist to capitalist in 1976 to the time period of around now (like today).
I have published on this confusion many times. My very first post was on this subject.  Most specifically here, and here and here.