Pfffft (hat tip to dxc for the expression) for the template for now until issues are resolved.

The fixed px settings made the site appear and behave differently depending on the browser and the resolution of the screen. I was also unable to get haloscan to function in that template. We have signed up as premium members to gain their esteemed advice. I will be getting old comments back from haloscan as well.

I like the look but need to consider fluid parameters and something easier to adjust, meaning for one thing the corners were hard to adjust. It required changing px’s in about six different places (wrap, corner gifs, img, etc.) to adjust for size, each linked to exact numbers like 15px 0 0 15px or 10px 5px 15px.

I appreciate your patience, in that I recieved only one nasty e-mail, and offers to help. I apologize for the inconvenience.