Two weeks of health care

MA Health Connector hooks people up to health plans as part of the mandatory aspect of Romney’s health program. As far as I can tell, the prices are simply what is currently being offered. The following premiums are for a family plan, with and without Rx.

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Low premium. Most have deductibles and co-payments. Prescription drug coverage included. 5 plans $1,126.00 – $1,533.19/mo

Moderate co-payments. Some have no deductible. Prescription drug coverage included. 10 plans $1,492.00 – $2,179.48/mo

Low co-payments. No deductible. Prescription drug coverage included. 5 plans $1,985.88 – $2,759.90/mo

One school system carries a chart of costs/rates currently, with premiums expected to rise 15-20% or more. A friend had a Blue Cross/Blue shield premium go from $650/mo last year to $834/mo this year through the small business network.

My $600 rebate for the stimulus package will pay for less than two weeks of health care insurance.