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Dale Coberly discussing the latest news on Social Security. SOCIAL SECURITY, A BREAKTHROUGH? Dale Coberly For years I have been trying to inform people that the great big, huge horrible “Looming Trillion Dollar Unfunded Deficit” in Social Security could be fixed forever with a one tenth of one percent increase in the Social Security tax […]

Illegal immigration and Social Security/Medicare

In a previous post, I mentioned an effective way to curtail illegal immigration—require all employees to be screened through E-Verify—and some reasons why it won’t be adopted. Another disincentive to deterring illegal immigration is that it subsidizes Social Security and Medicare: “ . . . illegal immigrants as a group are net contributors who partially […]

The Speaker of the House Battle

It amazes me how far some people, errrrr politicians will extend themselves for opportunity, power, influence in Congress. Maybe I should not be calling them people? Maybe that is not amazing? Most of start off with their bad manners and aggressions, then do not have to live with and by their own decisions, and expect […]

No Free Lunch Ignoring Social Security’s Timely Cheap Fix Costs You

Dale Coberly Talks Social Security . . . For over ten years I have been telling anyone who would listen . . . about ten people . . . that the great “Looming Unfunded Twenty-Two Trillion Dollar Deficit! . . . stealing our children’s future,” reported in all the high-end news sources by all the […]

Social Security on Brink of Collapse, Dramatic Changes Coming – Some With ‘Bipartisan Support’

Dale Coberly: This is part 2 of a comment I began July 18 on Angry Bear.  It is a reply to an article appearing on the internet by Andrew Herrig at  under the title. “With Social Security on Brink of Collapse, Dramatic Changes Coming – Some With ‘Bipartisan Support,’” WEALTHY NICKEL, written by Andrew Herrig. […]

With Social Security on Brink of Collapse, Dramatic Changes Coming

Dear Reader Dale Coberly: Bill has asked me to comment on an article appearing on the internet at under the title With Social Security on Brink of Collapse, Dramatic Changes Coming – Some With ‘Bipartisan Support’ written by Andrew Herrig, who calls himself a finance expert and says his expert financial advice has been […]

How to Save Social Security . . . Investors Version

I am seeing numerous articles on Social Security as of late. How to save it from running a deficit. Is this really, what this is about? Even though, the nation has almost always run a deficit except during Clinton(?). There are different ways in which Social Security can be funded. As one finance expert proclaimed, […]

How the Super Rich Are Killing Social Security

How the Super Rich Are Killing Social Security, Robert Reich Blog, Robert Reich Since Angry Bear has a well known expert on Social Security in the name of Dale Coberly, I like to post other commentary on the topic. Robert Reich suggests increasing the salary limit well beyond 2023’s $160, 200 cap. He proposes eliminating […]

Ending the False Debate Over the Debt Ceiling

Joseph Stiglitz is calling for an honest and open debate on the debt ceiling and future expenditures and whether there is any relationship between the two. He states the expansion of the debt ceiling has no relationship between it and laws having future expenditures. The debt ceiling has no bearing on legal expenditures. It is […]

What Happens When a Safety Net Hospital Closes?

Much of this article I rewrote to make it clearer for the reader. It is written by upper management. I do disagree with the conclusions. Throwing more money at healthcare is not going to solve the issues he discusses. The article praises Commercial Healthcare Insurance who pay more for patient care and whose costs are […]