The Speaker of the House Battle

It amazes me how far some people, errrrr politicians will extend themselves for opportunity, power, influence in Congress. Maybe I should not be calling them people? Maybe that is not amazing? Most of start off with their bad manners and aggressions, then do not have to live with and by their own decisions, and expect people to forgive and forget. They are definitely not like us. I wish the charade would end.

Rep. Tom Cole Nominates Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House, The Gateway Pundit, Jim Hᴏft

Unlike any other Speaker, Jim Jordan has had the audacity to talk about the real drivers of debt, such as Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Cole mentions, Jordan wants to create a bipartisan debt commission to tackle these issues. A move Republican Representative Tom Cole describes him as being courageous.

As we all know, Social Security is fully funded for an approximate ten years. More than likely the Baby Boomers will have died out and their numbers will be far less than what they are today. There is no piggy bank full of dollar bills. Justs debit and credits plus a small amount of interest on the SS funds taken in by the government. Cole adds . . .

“He doesn’t deceive, doesn’t assemble, and simply tells you straight up. This is what I believe.”

Maybe Tom Cole has forgotten 2020 when Jim Jordan was practicing deception about a lost election?

“In the months leading up to and following the 2020 presidential election, potential House speaker and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan prolifically pushed false stolen election rhetoric.

After then-President Donald Trump lost the election to Joe Biden, Jordan urged Trump not to concede, spread conspiracy theories, supported lawsuits attempting to disqualify the legitimate results and discussed plans to object to the 2020 election results on January 6, 2021.”

Jim was pretty straight up with his broadcasting his misconceptions. And then his dialogue changed.

 After urging people to “get to the bottom of what actually happened on election day, Jim’s dialogue changed.

May 2021, “I have never said this election was stolen, all I’ve said is, ‘Let’s check it out.’”

The nation has been checking the 2020 election for three years now. Dozens of people are being tried because people like Jim Jordan and trump convinced them there was a fraudulent election. There wasn’t.

What Tom Cole believes is opportunism, and an opportunity to extend his influence with Jim Jordan if Jim becomes the House Speaker. “Two weeks ago, Cole defended former Speaker Kevin McCarthy against an effort to vacate the chair, warning that such a move would plunge Congress into chaos and the country into uncertainty. “

A man for all seasons, adaptable to anything, and feet of clay.