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Shopping Around . . .

Quite a few blogging PPACA naysayers are out there advertising the 25 to 50% increases in premiums for healthcare plans under the PPACA. Charles Gaba@ACA Signups blog points out it is just an opportunity to “shop around” and the premium increases may not be big anyway in dollars and cents. “Looking past the scary headlines” […]

Right Wing Slant to Non-Partisan Progressive Think Tanks

With the Koch Brothers donating to Center for American Progress and funding studies on Incarceration, one might wonder what changes might occur at CAP due to the financial support of studies by the Koch Brothers. CAP is not the only one to begin to solicit or accept funding from major corporations or interests. Brookings has […]

It is Ok to Attack a Democrat’s Military Service . . .

It is just not ok to attack a Republican’s Military Service This Sunday, Jack Tapper on CNN “called Republicans who were outraged over attacks on Sen. John McCain’s war record to the table to explain themselves on past attacks on Democrats. Jack reminded the Republicans of their Swift Boat smear of then 2004 Democratic presidential […]

Listen to Michigan Congressman Sander Levin Tongue – Lash Wisconsin Congressman and Chairman Paul Ryan

Michigan is pitifully gerrymandered due to state Republicans controlling the state legislature in 1990, 2000, and 2010 and controlling redistricting. Michigan sends fewer Democrats to The House than how the state votes which is 54+% Democrat in national elections. Democrat Congressman Sander Levin is one of those Congressmen. Listen to his response to Republican Congressman […]

We Believe ? ? ?

Almost one year old (July 18, 2014) this speech by Senator Elizabeth Warren. We Believe: – “We believe that Wall Street needs stronger rules and tougher enforcement, and we’re willing to fight for it.” – “We believe in science, and that means that we have a responsibility to protect this Earth.” – “We believe that […]

Picking Up The Tab for Full Service Restaurants

In the news, great attention has been paid to the activities of fast food workers striking to increase their salary up from minimum wage, their plight with fast food restaurants, and their heavy reliance on public assistance to get-by. Included with fast restaurant workers whose employers are represented by the National Restaurant Association are full […]

New America Foundation: Let the Sins of Grad PLUS Loans Be Visited Upon IBR

Introduction I ran across Matt Leichter and the Law School Tuition Bubble blog while doing some research on the Koch Brothers cozening up to CAP after having seen Beth Akers and Matt Chingos write for Brookings a think tank which in the past has been careful about what type of funding it receives and from […]

Alan Collinge of Student Loan Justice on CAP’s Current Efforts to Revamp Student Loans

It has been a while since I had last talked to Alan. I knew at the time he was at issue with a stance the Center for American Progress was taking on Student Loans which surprising are supported by some of our more popular consumer advocates. Kind of makes sense as we now see the […]