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Hughes on First?

Sandwichman cross post taken from Econospeak Have to admit, the spectre of mailman flying a gyrocopter onto the lawn of the Capitol building appeals to the Sandwichman’s weakness for eccentric idealists. From the Tampa Bay Times, here is the letter that Doug Hughes was delivering to 535 members of both houses of Congress. Dear ___________, […]

The Continued Demise of Detroit Under Governor Snyder and Michigan

Naked Capitalism has an article The Continuing Depopulation of Detroit on Detroit which I attempted to answer. No one cause can be assigned to answer what happened to Detroit since 1950 and well before the first black Mayor was elected. I attempted to put this into perspective. This is not an easy and nor will […]


I live in Michigan, a state which felt in its infinite Republican legislator wisdom it was important to remove all input from the cities, counties, and townships and leave the industry unfettered with any controlling influence. For those who are worried about capitalism and free enterprise if you own the land, there is such a […]

Good Reads on a Sunday while sipping your Coffee or Tea

“Two Cheers for Corruption” and Bill Black’s Response Plunder has become a way of life for many elite Corporate CEOs, Bill Black argues in response to Deirdre McCloskey supposition: “But corruption can be efficient and just, too. It can be good for efficiency if, say, bribes are paid to get around bad laws (such as […]

The Individual Mandate: Has the Obama Administration Silently Repealed the Rule that Virtually Everyone Must Have Health Insurance?

Maggie Mahar has been featured at Angry Bear Blog and has written for Angry Bear Blog from time to time. This article has been taken from her blog, Health Beat. Obamacare’s critics continue to argue that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will self-destruct. Now, some claim the mandate that uninsured Americans must purchase coverage– or […]

To Mark Cuban on Student Loans: Grab some Bench, “Rookie”

Guest Post by Alan Collinge Group Founder Alan Collinge has written numerous articles, and editorials on the topic, and also published The Student Loan Scam in 2009. He was selected as one of seven “Financial Heroes” by CNN/Money Magazine in December 2008. There has been a disturbing coalescence of papers, positions, and proposals coming from […]

Magical Thinking and the Paranoid Style

Guest Post by Mark Jamison, a retired Postmaster in North Carolina. The Rightwing echo chamber has gone nuts at the comments of Jonathon Gruber, comments that were, at the least insensitive and more than a little cynical. Gruber’s assertions that the American public was not very bright and had to be tricked into accepting Obamacare […]