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More Lies

After almost 8 years the Party of NO and me too, the Republican Party through Mr. Paul Ryan has announced its sketchy version of a national healthcare plan. There is nothing unusual (maybe I should not say this, as distortion and out-right telling lies is unusual) or earth shattering being offered in Mr. Ryan’s plan. […]

Ken Burns Delivers Stanford Commencement Speech

I believe the fully and completely ignored danger in this election is believing Trump is just a flash in the pan and he will never win against HRC regardless of how much she is denigrated by Republicans trying to prove Bengahzi or DEMS who believe Bernie is their candidate. It is not a good time […]

Top 100 Blogs

In the Category of General Blogs or blogs which focus on a variety of topics. These blogs regularly present on a variety of topics and are a great way to start understanding economics or even to keep up with current economic events. – Marginal Revolution – The Big Picture – Calculated Risk – Naked Capitalism […]

Refinancing is dead: a generation of Hard Times will continue until secularly real wages improve

New Deal Democrat writing from The Bonddad Blog On Monday I gave what I think is a reasonable roadmap to the next recession. I want to follow up on this a little. The post from nearly 10 years ago was entitled, Are Hard Times Near? The great decline in interest rates is ending.” The theory […]

Remembering the Carter-Reagan Race

Barkley Rosser made an interesting comment on one of the threads which is worthy of a separate posting. He is pointing out similarities between Trump and Reagan in saying whatever they want to say, backing away from them (it was just a suggestion), and never being held accountable for making statements devoid of facts. People […]