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 “Immigration and Job Creation at the State Level”

Mike Kimel continues his discussion on how Immigration impacts Job Creation. In this post, I am looking at how the percentage of a state’s population that is made up of immigrants affects job creation.  After all, we hear from some quarters that immigrants create jobs, and from others that immigrants take away jobs that would […]

UVA Slushfund just the tip of the Iceberg

In July, the former Rector at the University of Virginia, Helen Dragas, accused the school of having created a $2.3 Billion “slush fund” during a period when the university had raised tuition on students by 74%, and cut grant aid to poor students. While this is an astounding story in itself, the fact of the […]

Interesting Atlantic Article

“The Original Underclass” I have written on upward mobility several times at AB. This article goes along similar lines of what I have been saying. If you are already upper class, the chances of you dropping down to the lowest level are slim to none. If you are in that first quintile of income, the […]

PPACA Premiums are Lower than You Think

Or so The Brookings Institute would like us to believe. What would cause Brookings to take such a stance especially since parts of the PPACA increased costs dramatically and premiums have increased dramatically? Coverage such as: mandated guaranteed issue regardless of health status; restrictions on the ability to charge different premiums based on anything besides […]


Virtually nobody outside of legal circles and academia questioned the appropriateness or outrageousness of Comey’s comments. One academic legal blogger, Stetson University College of Law professor Ellen Podgor, noted that most FBI investigations with no indictments don’t issue public statements; that the FBI’s investigation was one-sided; that Comey cited hypotheticals without facts; that his accusations […]