6 Minutes and 20 Seconds . . .

Needed to murder 17 high school students. A Congress to afraid to pass laws and oppose the NRA and its members, a minority of the population holding the majority hostage to it’s tyranny.

And then there is this dirt bag, Republican Senator Rick Santorum suggesting students should learn CPR rather than becoming engaged in the political process of this nation. I hope they take the time to vote this tribe out of Congress.

Emma Gonzalez versus a Senatorial piece of garbage.

Doctor’s twitter Comments to Rick Santrum:

– Gobsmackingly uninformed. Rick Santorum “instead of looking to someone else to solve their problem, do something about maybe taking CPR classes or trying to deal with situations that– where there is a violent shooter.” perhaps best to leave publichealth and #medicine to docs.

– As a surgeon, I’ve operated on gunshot victims who’ve had bullets tear through their intestines, cut through their spinal cord, and pulverize their kidneys and liver. Rick Santorum telling kids to shut up and take CPR classes is simply unconscionable.

– Marie Antoinette: Stupid peasants, let them eat cake. Rick Santorum: Stupid students, let them learn CPR.

– For 13 years I worked as a physician in a trauma center. If a gunshot victim is pulseless, his chance of survival approaches zero. Neither CPR, transfusions, nor surgery will save him. But scientific facts matter little to smug rhetoric-spewers like Rick Santorum.

– 1. Kids can learn 2 things at once.
2. But prevention of a gunshot wound is better than treatment
3. And by the time you get you CPR, the patient is dead

– In my 1st career I was an OR tech, I scrubbed in & assisted surgeons. I’ve seen gunshot victims who’ve had bullets rip through their spinal cords & intestines & tear their other organs to shreds. Rick Santorum telling kids to be quiet & take CPR classes is simply disgusting.