“Yes, that is called having a country, with all due respect.”

Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow zeroes in on Mick Mulvaney cutting funding to preserve the Great lakes which no one state controls and will suddenly become a Federal issue if this vast national resource of fresh water is polluted.

Quelle Surprise! Mick Mulvaney purposely gets it wrong by comparing Arkansas dependency on Federal taxes to Michigan and Wisconsin dependency. Arkansas ranks 22nd in dependency on Federal $, Michigan 25th and Wisconsin 32nd in dependency on Federal $. Of the states surrounding the Great Lakes, only Pence’s Indiana has a greater dependency on Federal government aid. It is still true, Blue States lose Federal $ to Red States.

Source: WalletHub

“Most & Least Federally Dependent States”

Mr. Mulvaney: “Consistent with many other things that we did across the budget Senator, we look at programs that should be local. Programs that are more appropriately local in nature as opposed to national in nature. Again, go back to the original premise. I’m looking at this through the eyes of someone in Arkansas. Can I really look them in the eye and say I need to take some of your tax money to go do something in Michigan or Wisconsin?”

Senator Stabenow:Yes, that is called having a country, with all due respect. 20 percent of the world’s freshwater surrounds Michigan and eight other Great Lakes states and this is something that we not only do in the state and by the community but it is a major national resource. The idea that we would not recognize that in this budget is just stunning to me.”

Women as Senators appear to be more astute on the issues than men and are quick to zero in on people like Mick Mulvaney who try to deflect from the issues in their answers.