Elections November 2017

In Virginia, Gilespie has lost. Trump claims it is because Gilespie did not embrace him. New jersey elected a Democrat for a Governor also. In both Virginia and New Jersey these were not close races as both Democrats won by good margins of 9% and 13%.

The Virginia House of Delegates picked up 14 more Democrats along with selecting the first transgender to be a in a state legislature. This would be enough Delegates to flip the House to the Democrats. Democratic candidates for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General were also elected in Virginia.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio won a second term.

The Maine Medicaid Expansion was approved by a 17% margin. Maine was the first state to put the decision to a vote. In Utah and Idaho, there are efforts to place a similar initiative on next year’s ballot.

It is not on the chart; but, Detroit’s Mayor Mike Duggan won also.

A big evening for nation wide state Democrats.