Donna Brazile’s Trash Talking HRC

Nancy LeTourneau at Washington Monthly has an article up on HRC and her running for the presidency. It is a worthy read as it refutes Donna Brazile and Elizabeth Warrens accusations using Open Secrets (Hillary Victory Fund) on HRC funding the DNC and the states in addition to when she took control.

Here is what is in question as written by Nancy Letourneau:

“So it is not unusual for a nominee to exert control over the DNC once they have been chosen. As CNN reported, that transition began in June 2016, when Clinton had secured enough votes to win the nomination. Brazile’s own account of her conversation with Gary Gensler, the chief financial officer of Hillary’s campaign, happened after the Democratic Convention—meaning that the transition had already taken place.

Brazile does, however, suggest that the agreement she reviewed in August 2016 had been signed in August 2015. It has now become apparent that she needs to share what she saw with the public, because in releasing John Podesta’s hacked emails, Wikileaks provided the final template for the 2015 agreement between the Clinton campaign, the DNC and state parties. The emails to which the document were attached include talking points to share with state parties encouraging them to sign up. Nowhere in the text of the agreement is there any reference to the kind of control of the DNC by the Clinton campaign that Brazile wrote about.

As Nancy said, it is time for Donna to release the document she is claiming gives the control in 2015.

The funding as can be found in Open Secrets:

“Amount raised – $529,943,912


Clinton campaign – $158,200,000
DNC – $107,533,318
State parties – 38 states each received between $2,494,000 and $3,423,484”

“Brazile also recounts the concerns raised about the Hillary Victory Fund by Politico in May 2016 about money from the fund not getting to the states that had signed the agreement.” It looks like HRC shared the funding to me.

Again Democrats as led this time by Donna Brazile are investing in self destruction for 2018. During the Kerry campaign I had asked a few “why” questions of Donna via email. Rather than answer the questions, she just resorted to accusations of harassment which was completely off base. Having done the same with Senators and Congressmen, I am used to blunt replies; but, they were in answer to a question. She chose not to answer. I do not find Donna to be genuine.