Does Senator Schumer Really Need to Up His Game with Republicans?

McConnell is a weasel. He has sold out his own by making promises and then reneging on them like he did with Collins. He makes promises to Democrats and then reverses his stance laying the blame on them. Over at Washington Monthly, the writers think Schumer needs to up his game. Lets ask the question of whether the Democrats really caused the military not to be paid and shut down the government. Click on the link or view the Youtube.

With three “I objects,” to Senators introducing bills on the floor, McConnell and Republicans owned the Government Shutdown.

It was not just McCaskill who gave McConnell his comeuppance by introducing a bill, asking for unanimous support to vote for military pay, and hearing McConnell give his “I object” to voting on this to the bill. Nelson from Florida asked for one more day to keep the government open, and Testor from Montana asked to keep the government open through the weekend. Each did it by introducing a bill on the floor, asking for unanimous support to go forward with a vote, and each time McConnell said “I object.”

Democrats did not kill pay to the military or shut down the government. Senator Addison Mitchell McConnell and Republicans did.

Schumer orchestrated a well deserved boot in the ass for McConnell. In each case, McConnell objected to each of three bills going forward, leaving the liability of not paying the military and shutting down the government the fault of Republicans and himself. Schumer gave three Democrats in states where the races are close an opportunity to talk about they introduced bills to keep the government open, how Republicans failed to support the bills, and killed pay to the military and shut down the government.