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PSA: WorldCon with an Economist

The first item on Charlie Stross’s World Science Fiction Convention schedule: Thursday August 6th, 5pm (Location: P-511CF)Title: In Conversation: Paul Krugman and Charles StrossDescription: 90 minutes of Charles Stross discussing SF, economics, and other topics with Paul Krugman. [link in original] Those who might wonder why Krugman would be an appropriate guest at Anticipation (this […]

Canadian Independence Day Daytime Movie Lineup

Candian Bacon (certainly Michael Moore’s best work of fiction), starring John Candy So I Married an Axe Murderer / Mike Meyers Airplane! / Leslie Nielsen Chain Reaction / Keanu Bright Lights, Big City / Michael J. Fox (who has no Elvis in him, but does good work) I think they’re trying to convince everyone to […]

Examining The Damage to the NYC-area Economy

Being a seven-hour drive away, I don’t have as much direct knowledge of the NYC economy as I did a year or so ago. So I have to rely on Different Metrics. Here is one DrektheUninteresting (see #6) (of Scatterplot and Total Drek fame) will love, when he resurfaces. For those who want a contemporary […]

The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd

There is a brilliant moment in the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Giles explains to Willow that his problem with computers is “their smell.” She replies, roughly, “But they have no smell.” “Exactly. And smell is one of the most important senses there is.” Apparently, with a hat tip to The New […]

I’ve Got the Under on S/h/e/a/ C/i/t/i/ Taxpayer Field

So the brilliant NFL has “solved” the Yom Kippur problem, moving the starting time for the Jets-Titans game to 1:00p.m. Which means that, with luck, the game ends around 4:00—probably closer to 4:15.* It appears that sundown on 27 September 2009—from which time one is expected to fast for 24 hours, so any eating better […]

PSA: A Good Reason to Watch the NYSE Closing Bell Today

One of my favorite charities, StreetwisePartners, is ringing the closing bell. For those who aren’t loyal watchers of business news channels, you can watch the event live via this link. Those who live or work in or near one of the city’s where the program is offered (currently, NYC; Jersey City, NJ; and Washington, DC) […]