Canadian Independence Day Daytime Movie Lineup

  1. Candian Bacon (certainly Michael Moore’s best work of fiction), starring John Candy
  2. So I Married an Axe Murderer / Mike Meyers
  3. Airplane! / Leslie Nielsen
  4. Chain Reaction / Keanu
  5. Bright Lights, Big City / Michael J. Fox (who has no Elvis in him, but does good work)

I think they’re trying to convince everyone to be outside.

More Canadian Content here, via my Loyal Reader.

UPDATE: The NYT honours the day. Highlight from Malcolm Gladwell:

In history class, in seventh grade (or as we like to say in Canada, grade seven) we learned the story of the American Revolution…Turns out you were all a bunch of ungrateful tax cheats. And you weren’t very nice to the Loyalists. What I miss most about Canada is getting the truth about the United States.

He’s got a point there, except about the Loyalists. And that the “tax cheats” were really fighting the East India Company (think Wal-Mart with a British accent).

Also, we had Stevie Wonder last night and you didn’t. The bad news is it was the night before a National Holiday in a relatively large city and a free concert. So most of couldn’t get within five blocks of it.