I’ve Got the Under on S/h/e/a/ C/i/t/i/ Taxpayer Field

So the brilliant NFL has “solved” the Yom Kippur problem, moving the starting time for the Jets-Titans game to 1:00p.m.

Which means that, with luck, the game ends around 4:00—probably closer to 4:15.*

It appears that sundown on 27 September 2009—from which time one is expected to fast for 24 hours, so any eating better be done well before that—is going to be just about 6:45pm (assuming EDT).

I’ve driven around the Meadowlands around the time of football games before (mostly by accident; not something anyone wants to do). No one who has done so would agree with Representative Anthony Weiner:

“This commonsense solution is a win for everyone involved,” Weiner said, praising the league’s decision. “The NFL can maximize the greatest audience while Jewish New York Jets fans can support their team and respect their religion.”

In comments, please estimate where a car of fans with midlevel seats, who pack up at the final whistle of a non-Overtime game and are heading East, will be at 6:45p.m. My admittedly-optimistic assumption is the in the title of this post.**

*For analysis, I am going to assume that the game is close and interesting. Perhaps the NFL does not make that assumption?

**Feel free to assume driving up to the GWB and taking the Triborough Bridge: maximum tolls and possibly minimum traffic.