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Eagles Update

For those who missed it yesterday, Palace defeated the Wolves at Selhurst Park last night, 3-1 (only a goal in the 90th minute breaking the shutout) behind a hat trick from defenseman-moved-forward Danny Butterfield, who played a similar role in Saturday’s 2-0 win over Peterborough. Most interesting is this observation from Palace manager Neil Warnock: […]

Transfer Deadline Day and Poor Incentive Alignment

The big news of Transfer Deadline Day was that Nathaniel Clyne turned down a move from The Eagles to The Wolves.*  As The Guardian noted: [This] will please everyone at Crystal Palace who isn’t an administrator. Let’s look at the timeline and the reality. Palace was ninth in the Premier Championship [thanks to Tim in […]

I’ve Got the Under on S/h/e/a/ C/i/t/i/ Taxpayer Field

So the brilliant NFL has “solved” the Yom Kippur problem, moving the starting time for the Jets-Titans game to 1:00p.m. Which means that, with luck, the game ends around 4:00—probably closer to 4:15.* It appears that sundown on 27 September 2009—from which time one is expected to fast for 24 hours, so any eating better […]

Obligatory Superbowl Post

I used to watch a lot of soccer and other sports like that which showcases a bowstring – now I still watch around World Cup time, but my sports watching now seems limited to a once every four year extavaganza limited to however long it takes the South American teams to be eliminated, or, if […]