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From the coastline to the city All the little pretties raise their hands

I’ll add the scene from It later. Or someone can put it in comments and we’ll promote it to here.


R.I.P., Clarence Clemons.

QOTD from Walter Jon Williams:

Young folks may be shocked to discover that Clarence Clemons had a band before Lady Gaga.

Random Notes on Economics, Music, and Death–and a Bleg

  1. Excess Rents Datapoint of the Day: Since the NYT doesn’t pay Paul Krugman for his blog posts, why should reading those count as part of the “20 free articles” non-subscribers are allowed?
  2. I want the Grapelli track, but not enough to pay for a six-CD set.
  3. This—built by government employees—is the greatest accomplishment in music since Alan Lomax.
  4. And, for fun, via my buddy Tom, the best obituary you’ll read today.
  5. Bleg of the Day: Anyone have a good source or sources on the structures, organizations, and operations of the old “Tea Companies”? Have been thinking about bubbles, and Tea Companies seems to be the Goldman Sachs of the pre-20th century: always in the middle of the problems, but treated reverentially in the histories.

    And, in the Posts I Plan to Write Soon category:

  6. This book is making me wonder if we’re asking the wrong question. Maybe it’s not “Is Economics a Science,” but rather “Is Economics a Discipline.” More to come on this.


by: Daniel Becker
This is just a little something toward the “get to know your blogger” department of AB. It’s just in case anyone thinks that we have no real life.

Besides the 2 businesses, dealing with long term care issues for both parents (not even on the list of issues for this nation) and stimulating the economy by building my garage so that I can consolidate and stop paying rent, I’ve been jamming with some friends for a few years.

The goal was and is to be able to play out about once per month just for fun. All but one of us own a business, so it was decided from the get-go that this would not be as a supplement to our incomes. It was also decided that we were not going to be an Ipod (as in cover band), nor do general business. We like classic rock. Personally, my favorite is the late 60 to early 70’s, along with blues and Motown. We’re no polished act, but we manage to make a tune sound like music and at times even laugh with joy when we feel we’ve nailed it. You know, it’s that feeling you get when your loaded down and you go to that one thing in your life that you count on when you do it to give you the satisfaction that you can make something come out right and thus maintain a level head and not let anger turn to madness.

Well, we finally had our debut a couple weeks ago. Only took 5 years and 5 different people singing to get to this point. Who knew finding someone who wanted to sing and would stick around would be so difficult. If you’re curious, you can hear us playing Alright Now, our way.  Caution, it’s just a camera with recording ability that captured this, so the sound is not balanced the best.

No prizes are to be awarded for guessing which one is me.