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Pharoah Sanders Has Passed

Pharoah Sanders Has Passed  One of the greatest musical performances I ever saw live was in Spring 1966, sorry have not tracked down exact date, in the University of Wisconsin-Union theater. It was a live performance of the final group of John Coltrane. None of his great quartet from “A Love Supreme” were in it, […]

From the coastline to the city All the little pretties raise their hands

I’ll add the scene from It later. Or someone can put it in comments and we’ll promote it to here. UPDATE: R.I.P., Clarence Clemons. QOTD from Walter Jon Williams: Young folks may be shocked to discover that Clarence Clemons had a band before Lady Gaga.

Random Notes on Economics, Music, and Death–and a Bleg

Excess Rents Datapoint of the Day: Since the NYT doesn’t pay Paul Krugman for his blog posts, why should reading those count as part of the “20 free articles” non-subscribers are allowed? I want the Grapelli track, but not enough to pay for a six-CD set. This—built by government employees—is the greatest accomplishment in music […]


by: Daniel BeckerThis is just a little something toward the “get to know your blogger” department of AB. It’s just in case anyone thinks that we have no real life. Besides the 2 businesses, dealing with long term care issues for both parents (not even on the list of issues for this nation) and stimulating the economy by […]