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How do We Reduce Misery Caused by Poverty Around the World?

A few weeks ago I had a post looking at the success of a number of countries. I noted that countries that do well include, (in no particular order): the US, Canada, Northwest Europe, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and, until China began applying a heavier thumb, Hong Kong. Those also […]

Banishing Racism From Racism

In the last few months I have gotten accused of racism a few times at this blog. I don’t think I am misrepresenting my accusers by stating that their claim is based primarily because of my views on a) immigration and b) the differences between the economic performance of different countries. The two issues actually […]

Is Anyone Crawling to the USA???

Floyd Norris lists the Unlucky 13, a.k.a., my portfolio.* Ignoring AIG (of which more later, maybe), here are the top Market Cap losers in the S&P 500 YTD, who combined have dropped by more than half a trillion dollars: EXXON MOBIL GENERAL ELECTRIC MICROSOFT AT&T CITIGROUP BANK OF AMERICA After reading that list, I fully […]

Action, Reaction

In honor of this post (from another blog whose political posts I’ve stopped reading; Hilzoy is in good company*), I have decided today to shave off my beard and mustache.** After all, David (“Axis of Evil”) Frum is always right, as John Holbo originally documented: This sentiment or intuition or feeling (whatever you call it) […]