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Charlie Stross Explains It All to You

The rest is details: The reason I choose to pay through the nose for my computers is very simple: unlike just about every other manufacturer in the business, Apple appreciate the importance of good industrial design. but they’re nice details. (posted from my daughters’s “new” G4, which needs a new keyboard, but has a right […]

A Dramatic Reading of My Novel

Most of time when I write something, I sign it. A piece in the first Great American Baseball Stat Book. The first three editions of a book called Interest Rate Trends and Comparisons put out by the bank at which I worked in the late 1980s.* Review pieces in various publications. A piece in Institutional […]

PSA: WorldCon with an Economist

The first item on Charlie Stross’s World Science Fiction Convention schedule: Thursday August 6th, 5pm (Location: P-511CF)Title: In Conversation: Paul Krugman and Charles StrossDescription: 90 minutes of Charles Stross discussing SF, economics, and other topics with Paul Krugman. [link in original] Those who might wonder why Krugman would be an appropriate guest at Anticipation (this […]

SF-Politics Tie-In of the Day

Greg Mitchell’s twitter feed reminds us of Upton Sinclair’s 1934 campaign for Governor of California. Working on Sinclair’s campaign, as noted in an article we ran several years ago in NYRSF, was a former Naval Officer in his mid-20s whose career was cut short by tuberculosis: Robert A. Heinlein. As Mitchell notes: The champion of […]

The Only Good Crowding-Out Argument

I was pontificating earlier today about how many of the now-unemployed Financial Services workers were, in a previous life, engineers of one stripe or another, and if we’re going to be doing things with the stimulus bill such as re-engineer the power grid, some of them may well decide to return to their previous life. […]

Weird Tom Disch Connection

Today at Readercon, my wife participated on a Necrology panel. (“Those we’ve lost this year…”) An audience member mentioned that Tom Disch wrote an episode of Miami Vice, featuring James Brown. Also appearing was Chris Rock, four years before New Jack City made him a movie star. Anyone who can tell me about the episode? […]

Not Painless, or "There’s no way I could tell you/What he meant to me"

UPDATE: NYT Obituary here. Some book cover images added. Two years ago at Readercon, I found myself doing some hero-worship in the Green Room. Friday, we had discovered that my piece on Jorge Luis Borges was the first of the appreciations of that year’s Memorial Guest of Honor. (I assume this was because of its […]