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Libertarianism Simplified: the Three Proper Powers of Government

In your basic Austrian style Libertarianism Government only has three proper functions: External Defense, Internal Policing, and Enforcement of Contracts. Or we could simplify all that as: Protection of Private Property, Protection of Private Property, and Protection of Private Property. It really is that simple, at least once you define private beliefs and personal freedom […]

Radley Balko: Optimist, not Libertarian?

Manufacturing evidence is apparently legal for prosecutors who then prosecute the case. This, at least, is the argument a couple of crooked prosecutors are making. Radley Balko is more optimistic than I am about prosecutors: If the Supreme Court…would essentially overturn Buckley and give prosecutors complete immunity, even when they conspire to convict an innocent […]

Beware Canada – The Libertarians are Coming! (Louder)

Via a former editor’s Twitter feed, the Simon Fraser Institute decides to segment the costs of Canadian health care. For the good of the people, of course: It is critically important, however, that Canadians understand the true cost of Medicare. Armed with a more meaningful estimate, Canadians will be able to better assess whether or […]

SF-Politics Tie-In of the Day

Greg Mitchell’s twitter feed reminds us of Upton Sinclair’s 1934 campaign for Governor of California. Working on Sinclair’s campaign, as noted in an article we ran several years ago in NYRSF, was a former Naval Officer in his mid-20s whose career was cut short by tuberculosis: Robert A. Heinlein. As Mitchell notes: The champion of […]

Elevating the Discourse at the

Shorter McMegan: I once heard these terms of art from the electricity industry. No quizzes! P.S., Al Gore is fat. —————— Update: Hoisted from comments… Kolohe: A quick point for the negative team – the required* additions to the power grid, (i.e. new hv power lines, speficially 765 kV ones) will not really get started, […]

McArdle vs. Warren, Round 1: Are We Saving Enough?

Megan McArdle’s taken up the task of trying to prove that the middle class actually isn’t stressed to the breaking point, apparently as part of a project to teach Elizabeth Warren a lesson in good reserach practices or something. Part the first claims that observed low savings rates are, contra Warren et al., nothing to […]