Beware Canada – The Libertarians are Coming! (Louder)

Via a former editor’s Twitter feed, the Simon Fraser Institute decides to segment the costs of Canadian health care. For the good of the people, of course:

It is critically important, however, that Canadians understand the true cost of Medicare. Armed with a more meaningful estimate, Canadians will be able to better assess whether or not they are receiving value for their health care dollars.

And what do they calculate as the direct Canadian cost for everything—not just insurance, but insurance, treatment, drugs, etc.—on average?

– $9,572 for the average 2 adult family

– $9,855 for the average 2 adult and 1 child family

– $10,191 for the average 2 adult and 2 child family

The lowest quote I can find for insurance alone is $950/month, or $11,400/year. And that’s before any visits, or shots, or treatments.

Tell me again why we can’t afford a government option? And why the Simon Fraser Institute is getting to shill fear in the Windsor Star?

There were reasons for moving back to the States, but health care certainly isn’t one of them.