A Dramatic Reading of My Novel

Most of time when I write something, I sign it. A piece in the first Great American Baseball Stat Book. The first three editions of a book called Interest Rate Trends and Comparisons put out by the bank at which I worked in the late 1980s.* Review pieces in various publications. A piece in Institutional Investor last year on the opportunities for clean water and sewage investment in Emerging Market countries. Blog posts, such as this one.

There are two exceptions to this. I reviewed for several years for Publishers Weekly, back in the days when they paid better and protected anonymity by fiat. So while I claim to have been the first person to use “fuck” or “cunnilingus” in a PW review, I can’t be certain that’s so—and, more relevantly, no one else can be certain it was me.

The other is a collaborative novel entitled Atlanta Nights, whose sole author credit is Travis Tea. You may have heard of it. While I did write one chapter of it (Chapter 16; by the way, I did not play midfield for Hull in the 1960s, no matter how Wikipedia links), you’ll find no attribution of that in the book itself. (Nor did any of the other authors take credit; it was a charity work. How the Google book deal will handle such work is left as an exercise.)

I like the book, and am very happy to have had a small part in its development. But I certainly didn’t expect that someone (“manwithoutabody”) would do a Dramatic Reading of, apparently, the entire book, and post same on YouTube.

My wife’s chapter is below, for your enjoyment. Or, possibly, use in the next Eschaton/Sadly No video battle.

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*I believe I may be listed as “Research Associate” in the 1986 edition.