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What IR can learn from the NHL

Both Gary and Rebecca cited Marc Lynch recommending “intervening” in Libya: The appropriate comparison is Bosnia or Kosovo, or even Rwanda where a massacre is unfolding on live television and the world is challenged to act. It is time for the United States, NATO, the United Nations and the Arab League to act forcefully to […]

Hogging/Jimmy Webb Post

Ken Houghton distracts us from the important things with an examination of monopoly power, asymmetric information, and perpetuating a bad business deal. By the time Gary Bettman got to Phoenix, his lawyer was lying to the court: “There are three things that it takes to be an owner of an NHL franchise. One, you’ve got […]

The Palin Curse Manifests itself

In the “correlation may not be causation, but the trend is your friend” category. Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin—at the request of McCain-supporting Flyer owner Ed Snider—dropped the puck in celebration of “hockey moms” at the Flyers home (and season) opener. That was October 11th. They lost. Followed by five more losses (three in […]