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Reasons to be Cheerful

Ken Houghton Christopher Buckley leads the Republican Party to water, and speculates on watching them sink: …GOP pin-up girl Sarah Palin. I’ll stipulate that that’s condescending, if my former confreres on the Right will stipulate that had Gov. Palin’s first name been “Bob” or “Chuck,” her surname would still be unrecognizable to 90 percent of […]

Tom Toles is a Priceless National Treasure, Volume X

Though the claim made may not be true, the sentiment seems real: Update: Brad DeLong apparently beat me to publishing this one by about 40 minutes. I blame my trying to use a Mac, but it’s nice to know neither of us got it from the WaPo website, where it was up yesterday.

Win the Nobel Prize,* they publish you on Sunday instead of Monday

Krugman believes people want someone who is “serious”: In a way, you can’t blame Mr. McCain for campaigning on trivia—after all, it’s worked in the past. Most notably, President Bush got within hanging-chads-and-butterfly-ballot range of the White House only because much of the news media, rather than focusing on the candidates’ policy proposals, focused on […]

The Palin Curse Manifests itself

In the “correlation may not be causation, but the trend is your friend” category. Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin—at the request of McCain-supporting Flyer owner Ed Snider—dropped the puck in celebration of “hockey moms” at the Flyers home (and season) opener. That was October 11th. They lost. Followed by five more losses (three in […]

Pulled from Comments

at Erin’s place. Tom puts an end to the “oh, they were just mistakes” tax argument: The thing about [Sarah Palin taking her spouse and especially her kids with her on business trips]…is that the attempt to edit the terms of the trips after the fact could be seen as evidence of intent to commit […]

Best Spam-Folder E-Mail Evah!

Dear Supporter, If you caught my guest appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, you may have seen an ad or two (or twenty) from Senator Obama’s campaign. This barrage of advertising is adding up to the most expensive negative ad buy in political history. And these ads are funded with the nearly $200 million […]

Ms Parker, Mc Cain, Party and Honor

by Divorced one like Bush Before we get to excited about Ms. Parker’s recent calling out, consider her 9/5 opinion in What Sarah Palin brings to the Republican Party: And relief that the first Republican woman on a presidential ticket wasn’t going to let them down. No one was going to be embarrassed by John […]