Reasons to be Cheerful

Ken Houghton

Christopher Buckley leads the Republican Party to water, and speculates on watching them sink:

…GOP pin-up girl Sarah Palin.

I’ll stipulate that that’s condescending, if my former confreres on the Right will stipulate that had Gov. Palin’s first name been “Bob” or “Chuck,” her surname would still be unrecognizable to 90 percent of the American electorate.

The other pull quote was pulling and sits in the center of the article. While I encourage you to Read the Whole Thing, it really is too delicious not to requote as well. Rendered by Buckley as a parenthetic:

Nexis and Google have so far failed to unearth evidence of any previous candidate for the U.S. vice presidency being called—by their own campaign, no less—a “whack job.”*

Read the Whole Thing, including some of the comments.

*One guesses that memories of Admiral Stockdale, besides whose accomplishments John McCain looks like the inept cadet he was, have escaped Google and Nexus, since he was surely called the equivalent or worse.