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Republicans block funding helping veterans exposed to toxic burn pits

Jim Hannan brought this issue up in AB comments section. Been too busy trying to get myself healthy again. Just unbelievable. Republicans want to cut out mandatory spending for veterans. This would be another time where politicians have used “veterans in need” to pursue their own political agenda. Vietnam vets saw similar issues. The Bush […]

Word to be Eliminated: "Symbolize"

Several recent events have been described as “just symbolism,” which apparently is a method of dismissing uncomfortable statements of fact, such as ‘Sarah Palin is the nominee for Vice President’ or ‘Rick Warren will give the invocation at Barack Obama’s inauguration.’ Apparently, these moments are supposed to have a lifespan closer to that of Britney […]

Former CENTCOM Commander on Iraq: May 2004

(By Bruce Webb. Well it is a slow night. So let me point you to perhaps the strongest indictment of Bush Iraq policy c.2002-2004. By the guy who General Tommy Franks followed into command. Bolding mine). Gen. Anthony Zinni, USMC, (Ret.) Remarks at CDI Board of Directors Dinner, May 12, 2004 I just came back […]

Christmas in Iraq: Not so Merry for Christians

by Bruce WebbIraq Christians face ‘bleak future’ Christians in Iraq face a “bleak future,” said Kassab, executive director of the Chaldean Federation of America, a nonprofit group that helps Iraqi Christians. “We are heading for a demise,” he said. “It’s getting to the point where it might be an ethnic cleansing in the future.” A […]

Krauthammer and the Iraqi Choice to Engage in Civil War

Charles Krauthammer had a piece that appeared in the National Review called Iraq’s choice. The premise is that Iraqis were given their freedom, and collectively they made a choice. “They chose civil war.” I’m not kidding. Its this simple. The choice, of course, leads to a situation in which “Arabs kill Arabs and Shiites kill […]