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Iraq was JEB’s War: Started by the Dim Son Instead

There has been some furor over the “Would you have launched the Iraq War?” question posed to Jeb Bush mostly revolving around the question of whether he understood the qualifying “knowing what we know now” as opposed to “knowing what we knew then”. But this is to miss the point. Because Jeb was on record […]

Richard Perle: "Neo-conservatives don’t exist"

Prince of Darkness Denies Own Existence “There is no such thing as a neoconservative foreign policy,” Perle informed the gathering, hosted by National Interest magazine. “It is a left critique of what is believed by the commentator to be a right-wing policy.” & “I see a number of people here who believe and have expressed […]

Hegemony on Steroids: the NeoCons, Iraq, and Historical Revisionism

by Bruce Webb Paul Rosenberg has started an interesting series over at Open Left that in some ways could see my post What is the Nexus? as prologue. The first post in the series is Hegemony On Steroids–Episode 35,879: “The Neocons Couldn’t A Dunnit!” It starts by stating one set of revisionist talking points eagerly […]

What was the Nexus?

(Update. Not that it matters much at this point but I fixed the link to the Letter to President Clinton. BW 1/3/09) No I am not asking about a car or misspelling LexisNexis or even talking about a new sequel to the Matrix. It is instead the question to be applied to the following list […]