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State and local governments are not spending a majority of American Rescue Plan funds, yet

AB: The link below the chart developed by Josh Bivens is to find subsidies or funds granted to towns, cities, counties, and states under the American Rescue Plan Act. For example, one small city i live in was granted $6.7 millions to which they wish to apply for an eight-mile water pipeline to an area […]

Supply Chain Backlog, Profit Taking, or Labor Driving Inflation?

Corporate profits have contributed disproportionately to inflation. How should policymakers respond? Economic Policy Institute, Josh Bivens The inflation spike of 2021 and 2022 has presented real policy challenges. In order to better understand this policy debate, it is imperative to look at prices and how they are being affected. The price of just about everything […]

Even with today’s slowdown, profit growth remains a big driver of inflation

This is a brief and targeted commentary by EPI’s Josh Bivens to which I have added input. The Fed has been flailing away at the economy in the belief Labor is the issue. Josh contends, product or profit markups have been a major issue. He does provide a foundation for his posit. I look to […]

Child labor laws are under attack in states across the country

This is a mixture of my comments and comments pulled from multiple sources (BLS, Cosmopolitan, , Why do Child Labor Laws Matter? Federal laws provide a minimum of protections for child labor. The laws were enacted nearly a century ago in reaction to children being exposed to dangerous activities. There was a time in this […]

Earnings inequality continuing growth in the pandemic labor market

“Inequality in annual earnings worsens in 2021.” This report is a couple of weeks old. Still relevant and supports what NDd has been saying as well as others here at Angry Bear. This is taken from EPI. Partial read of a larger report. Details from year twenty-one finds annual wages rising the fastest for the […]

How much would it cost consumers to give farmworkers a significant raise? A 40% increase in pay would cost just $25 per household

Economic Policy Institute offers context for wage increases for farmworkers: How much would it cost consumers to give farmworkers a significant raise? A 40% increase in pay would cost just $25 per household The increased media coverage of the plight of the more than 2 million farmworkers who pick and help produce our food—and whom the […]

No jobs for college grads

No jobs for college grads.  A report from the Economic Policy Institute shows that recent college graduates who will be eligible to cast their first votes in a presidential election are unable to find jobs. According to the report, unemployment for young college graduates was 10.4% in 2010, and the underemployment rate was 19.8%. For young […]