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More on the Poll I mentioned before that I am apparently listed somewhere as a Republican, causing GOP Chairman Marc Racicot to send me a letter. I asked my readers if I should fill it out with far-right (to pull the GOP further from the center) or far-left answers (to confuse them). Upon reflection and […]

Grover Norquist There’s a pretty interesting piece in today’s Chicago Tribune, Pipeline leads to White House, that centers on Grover Norquist’s weekly meetings with conservative leaders and the interaction between Norquist’s group and the White House. Norquist, as you may recall, recently said “Bipartisanship is another name for date rape”. By that I suppose he […]

Happy 49th, No Sense of Decency! From the NYT, today is the 49th anniversary of the beginning of the end for Sen. McCarthy, which started with Army counsel Joseph N. Welch confronted Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy during the Senate-Army Hearings over McCarthy’s attack on a member of Welch’s law firm, Frederick G. Fisher. Said Welch […]

Al, Bill, and Molly I finally watched the CSPAN coverage of the book expo featuring Franken, O’Reilly, and Ivins, and I can genuinely say that the reports of its high entertainment value are not exaggerations. Franken did go long, but as he put it in response to O’Reilly’s complaining, “I went long because I was […]

New Links I’m discovering some pretty neat tools in my effort to gizmo up the blog. First, given that maps of blogs are popular lately, take a look at who is in my blog neighborhood. Continuing with the theme of me being a Republican, InstaPundit is one of my nearest neighbors! The others are all […]

BlogRolling My links are now powered by, which means a few things: 1) The order has moved around–in particular, alphabetizing is by the first letter of the word, so for example, Matt Yglesias is under ‘M’, not ‘Y’. 2) I may have inadvertently deleted someone from the list, so if this happened please email […]

I’m a Republican! In this post, Kevin Drum talks about some of the problems the Democratic Party is having with its outdated database systems, concluding that Like it or not, big, modern, centralized voter databases and marketing operations are the lifeblood of politics today. But apparently there are some glitches in the Republican Party’s database […]

The Daily Show You really should watch it. It’s funnier than watching Fox News, and it doesn’t make you want to throw stuff. From Thursday’s show, here’s Lewis Black on the latest upward-skewed tax cuts: “Trickle Down Economics…Before we called it Trickle Down Economics, we called it Voodoo Economics, and before that we just called […]

NYT Editors Out I’ll give Raines credit for this: “It’s been a tumultuous month, 20 months, but we have produced some memorable newspapers.” [emphasis mine] Memorable! Not quality, excellent,outstanding, nor even just good. Now if they’d just take reporters Gerth and Bruni with them, and make sure Lelyveld really is only the “interim” executive editor […]

Where’s he Been? Back in the day, a comment from Sen. John McCain seemed like a mandatory part of every policy news story. But I haven’t heard a peep from him in a while. He voted for the latest tax cut debt increase package, but had no widely publicized comments. In any event, he’s apparently […]