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Still busy Posting will remain light through the weekend, as I’m currently travelling. I’m in DC through the weekend. There is a war protest scheduled for this weekend (that’s not why I’m here), but now I wonder if the protest will still be on and if so, what they will protest. “US out of Iraq” […]

Good News The war appears to be rapidly nearing an end, and the casualties appear modest, which is good. It’s unclear whether this vindicates the Rumsfeld plan, or simply reflects the inevitable. Now on to restoring relations between the U.S. and Europe, not to mention the U.S. and the Arab world. (Or is it “now […]

Syria A confession…due to limited options I do listen to Rush in my car. Since I live close to work, this means I listen in 5-10 minute bits, which is about all I can handle. What did I hear today? He was saying that he would be happy to see Syria as the next target […]

So Busy Damn day job. Posting will be a bit light for the next few days. AB

People get the government they deserve So by now you’ve probably read somewhere about Mike Hawash, the U.S. citizen and Intel engineer, being held on secret charges, at a secret location, without access to council. Talkleft is definitely the place to go for news and commentary on this issue (for example, this). This is happening […]

Russert, Then and Now I came across this statement by Meet the Press‘s Tim Russert, from a December 1997 appearance he made on CSPAN’s Booknotes. Here’s Russert talking about when he started at MTP in 1991: The first call I made when I became moderator [was to Lawrence Spivak, the founder of Meet the Press]. […]

How to Weight Links? Upon reflection, the post turned out a bit boring and I almost didn’t post it. But a promise is a promise. Click here if you’re excited by the issue of weighting links. AB

Don’t read too much into this… …Comedy Central is running an all-Sandler Saturday Night Live Marathon. At this very moment, they are playing an episode hosted by Heston, and the skit is The President is Illiterate. The opening bit: “Wanna have some fun?”…”When President Dexter [Heston] gets here, let’s tell him this is Senator Powell’s […]

Links Updated Welcome to Gary Hart, Mad Prophet, Punning Pundit, India West, and Trivial Pursuits. All are good, but I particularly recommend the last two. AB UPDATE: I’m about half way to my second cell (to see my ranking, it’s easiest to do a “ctrl-f” and search for “angry bear”), keep the links coming! Tomorrow, […]

Shorter John Kerry In this case it’s shortened so that more people will read it, not because the full text is long and rambling. Go read the whole thing. The elipses and emphasis are mine April 5, 2003 | I don’t think it gets better in public life, and certainly not in mine, than to […]