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This is Just Weird Ten years later, there are still people who question Vince Foster’s death. This (and this) definitely won’t hasten the waning of the press maelstrom: The BBC confirmed today that Dr. David Kelly, the British weapons expert who committed suicide on Thursday, was the source for a story on doctoring intelligence files […]

Better Late than Never I just caught a recent Spinsanity piece on the spinning of the deficit. They have a great exchange from McClellan’s first day: Q: One more thing, if I may. You had a laundry list, basically, about what has contributed to the deficit, and you didn’t include the tax cuts in there. […]

A Half-Answer Creates More Questions Back when the White House first said the African Uranium line should not have been in the SOTU, the NYT’s telling of the tale included this: How Mr. Bush’s statement made it into last January’s State of the Union address is still unclear. No one involved in drafting the speech […]

Blaming Tenet I’ve heard Lieberman call for Tenet’s resignation, and now apparently Dean is joining him. I see two major problems with this. First, it really doesn’t seem like Tenet’s fault that the bad intelligence made it into the SOTU. It’s clearly the responsibility of the NSC. Ultimately, the responsibility is the President’s, notwithstanding new […]

Which is it? Skimming the headlines, I spotted this: “Resistance to Aids virus is growing, say scientists.” That’s good, I thought. Then I read the first sentence of the story: The Aids virus is becoming increasingly resistant to the drugs used to treat it, researchers said yesterday. This story is in the British paper The […]

The Press Herd Bob Somerby has been taking some heat for criticizing the way the press is covering the allegations of intentional deception by Bush. Somerby doesn’t have problems with critical stories per se, but rather that they bury or fail to present the presiden’ts side of the story (i.e., that he wasn’t talking about […]

There’s Nothing Like Data Tom DeLay says spending is causing the deficit. Is he right? What’s really causing the deficit? War? Recession? Spending? Tax Cuts? Some of each? If the latter, how much of each? To take a quick look at some of these issues, I grabbed data on Federal Revenue, Spending, and GDP from […]

DeLay Speaks On the giant Bush deficits, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) says the deficit is “a spending-driven deficit.” DeLay is actually partly right here–spending increased somewhere around 9% over the last two years, but that’s only around $100 billion. The other $400 billion of projected deficits must have come from somewhere… massive tax […]

Unintelligent Design? I’m a bit late on this topic (see Not Geniuses and Jesse), but this is hillarious. And, as far as I can tell, it’s really, really, not a parody site like However, Not Geniuses and Pandagon failed to mention the prize the winners receive: authoring the next Biology textbook for the great […]

Gary Hart on The Daily Show Hart runs off a laundry list of things that have gone south (employment, federal budget, slow economic growth, tax equity, national security, foreign relations,…), concluding that “This guy ought to be thrown out.” Stewart then quips, “If it goes like this, Sharpton may win.” Then they go into a […]